Branding – DialoogHuys

DialoogHuys - Branding & Illustration CHALLENGE DialoogHuys is a boutique events and consultancy firm that brings board and C-level executives from across Europe together for networking and new business opportunities. By facilitating open dialogue, knowledge exchange, and cooperation, they help organizations innovate, drive progress, and initiate disruptive change. They came to us looking to develop their brand, something their CEO, […]

Coming soon – The Outside World

The Outside World - Animations

About The Outside World is a consulting and research organisation based in The Netherlands and New York City. They assist companies in aligning with what is going on in today’s fast-changing society. The company was launched on the 28th of August 2023. Their wish was to generate some online traction around the launch.  Solution We […]

Commercial video – Pegamento

about Pegamento’s goal was to tell the world that they have the solution for customer contact support. Specifically, in how their software is suitable for employees working remotely. To share this, they wanted to create a televised advertisement campaign.  Approach Blueyse devised, developed and created the concept for a TV commercial. The advertisement featured on […]

ABP 100 years – ABP

CHALLENGE Algemeen Burgelijk Pensioenfonds (ABP) is one of the largest pension funds in The Netherlands. We wanted to grow their awareness and encourage more people of all ages to recognize the importance of saving for their future. Solution Together with ftrprf, we crafted an inspiring documentary that formed part of the ‘ABP 100 jaar’ campaign. […]

i.a. Communications Advisor – UN Global Compact Network Netherlands

CHALLENGE We have been working UN Global Compact Network Netherlands, a local network of the United Nations Global Compact, now for 5 years. In collaboration, we have worked on gaining brand awareness and creating a sustainable online presence and community.  Solution Through storytelling, we have created a solid and sustainable online presence. As an Interim […]

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