Have you met me?

Everyone has a story to tell. We might see them once and never get to know what goes on in their lives. We might not be familiar with their perspective. That is why we invite speakers with various backgrounds, perspectives and experiences to share their untold stories. 

In this first episode of ‘Have you met me?’ Vishal Onkhar, a writer for TU Delta, is doing his PhD at TU Delft on automated vehicles. We talk about how it was for him to move abroad, how it is to be a part of two cultures simultaneously, and about tolerance, technology and self-driving cars.

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In this episode, we’ve had a chat with Arnout Nederpelt. He works as a Business Analyst at ASML and is Chair of AMSL’s employee network, Atypical.

We talked about his experiences as being neurodivergent while growing up and finding employment, masking, and about his perspective on how we can make an application process more inclusive.

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Julie, Founder and CEO of Blueyse, is interviewed by her colleagues Abel and Steve. They talk about her journey to finding purpose in her work and how she faces the challenges of being a female entrepreneur.

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This week we talk with Gerko Brink. He is the National Staff Officer Sport at the Ministry of Justice and Security and initiator of the program “Work through Sport”. We delve into what it was like to be a prison guard and how his program helps inmates to re-integrate into society. 

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Meet Nawel Khelil in this episode. Nawel is a health professional who helps medical students to have a more inclusive approach towards their patients. It was an insightful and open conversation about her experiences with Islamophobia, discrimination, and being a first generation.

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Listen to a new episode in which we meet with Marco Kuijten. He is a lecturer and researcher at Avans Hogeschool. Learn about his way of teaching and how he teaches his students to use marketing as a force for good.

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Listen to a new episode with Xueyan Xing. This week Julie and Xueyan have a conversation about Asian hate, being an ally and advocate for inclusion. Enjoy our conversation.

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We meet Diana van Maasdijk in this episode, the CEO and Co-Founder of Equileap. We talk about how data will help improve gender equality in the workplace. They research around 4000 companies every year on how they are doing on gender equality. As Diana says in the podcast: “Transparency is the first step towards social change.”

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