In light of Diversity Week 2023, we at Blueyse created an awareness campaign, UNSEEN. The ongoing labour market shortage is one of the greatest challenges for organisations. Everywhere in the world, there are more open vacancies than people looking for jobs. Organisations are fighting for new talent. They offer bonuses, cars, and to pay-off your student loans. What if organisations focus more on creating more impact and making their recruitment process and workplace more inclusive? 

It is not only good for people but also good for business. When your organisation makes a tangible and positive impact on sustainability and society, you will attract more applicants. Without offering a bonus, car or a big salary. A safe and open workplace will help retain your new employees. The cost of replacing one employee can be between one-half to two times the employee’s annual salary. In a company of 100 people, this can potentially count up to more than 2 million dollars.

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