Event branding – Miro

CHALLENGE Miro is a digital collaboration platform designed to help teams visualize and manage their workflow. In 2023, they embarked on a tour across eight major cities, The Innovation Imperative. Our job was to create branding and event collateral for their event in Amsterdam. Solution We brought the event to life in only two weeks through […]

Book design & production – Relatics

CHALLENGE Over the past 20 years, Relatics has become the standard for Systems Engineering software in the Netherlands. Their software was designed to help people and businesses better understand the complex challenges they face and solve them in more sustainable ways. They were looking to expand abroad and needed a way to help them break […]

Creative campaign concept – CDA

CHALLENGE Leading up to the Dutch general election in 2023, the CDA, a centrist party, needed a quick turnaround on an election campaign that would build their awareness and credibility across the Netherlands. We defined the creative direction and concept of this campaign and produced the required material to broadcast it to the public. Solution […]

Corporate identity – Vreugdenhil

Vreugdenhil - Branding en Design

About Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods is a fast-growing company that wanted a new visual identity that suited its new corporate identity and international market. With their new office, they needed a unique polished identity that matched.  Solution We designed a completely new visual identity inclusive of a logo, stationery, flyers and brochures, branding icons, packaging design, […]

G-Summit – Genesys

about Genesys is the global leader in customer experience solutions. As a global leader in customer satisfaction, Genesys must be in constant contact with its customers and partners. How is this possible when people are worldwide, from different worlds, and your core business focuses on customer experience?   Solution To make this possible, Genesys creates […]

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