Our campaign called #YouAreWhatYouSpeak is created to bring attention to various biases and stereotypes people still have. Most people have good intentions, however in some cases the way they communicate translates into an offense or a “microaggression”.  Microaggressions, also called everyday racism, are actions, remarks and events that (often unconsciously) discriminate against people from marginalized groups. At Blueyse, we believe in the importance of inclusive communication and that representation matters. Our goal is  to create awareness around the things people might think or say to the marginalized groups. 


We created the microaggression bingo. Together we selected 5 statements that we often hear and backed these with research. With this campaign, we were published in the ‘Financiele Dagblad’, our posters were all over Amsterdam, Utrecht, and Amersfoort, and were shared by various influencers on social media. 

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